RC Server setup-assistant/registry


hi all, I finished installation of RC server on debian9 and started the setup wizard. At step 4 - server registration I get a popup message “too-many-requests” no matter what I choose.

Any ideas?

What is the difference between first option and “standalone-mode”?


We’re experiencing the same problem, though we installed on Centos7. Attempting to register the server (step 4) causes the ‘too-many-requests’ popup.

One thing we’ve found is that if anyone else connects to the website and creates a user, they can connect successfully and join the chat we configured during setup. However, the admin account will always try to go through first-time setup whenever they log in, which means we can’t do much other than have a public chat room.


I found out, if nothing (or perhaps not all fields) have been filled during the server registration process, the wizard ends successfully and there will be no ‘too-many-requests’ popup’.