Private message to group users


Is it possible to create a group in, for example “test group” to which users will be assigned? And a regular user could send a private message to this group. At the moment, it seems to me that I can solve it through livechat, although here you can only have a conversation with a random agent and from a browser (you cannot chat directly from the rocketchat application).

Summarizing. We form the “Marketing” group. We have three users in it. As a user, I can send a message to the “Marketing” group, all the people in the group can see it and everyone can reply to me. Only me and the people in the group can see the messages.

I do not want to solve this through a separate channel (then everyone would have to create a group conversation or private discussion with group members). I want someone without knowing the Marketing group to be able to refer to the whole team without having to know who is involved in marketing.

If I’m wrong, please give me some tips.

So far we have done this through having private groups for each department or group of users who want to be able to chat with each other and then we have been using public channels like in your case ‘Public Marketing’ in which they can join from the directory to ask questions to those users and then the users in the ‘Marketing’ chat are added to both their private and public groups/channels and can respond to questions from outside and inside the group. You are also able to start a discussion in your group and then invite users from outside of the group into it. These are all a bit round about but get the job done. I believe 3.1 also added proper group messaging so that may be something to think about.

I have version 3.1. Group conversations are great, but as a user I can contact several users (I must indicate specific users). I mean the scenario when I want to contact e.g. marketing, sales department without knowing who is in this group. I exclude discussions because they set up either a public channel or that the marketing group will create a discussion for me. But I want to contact them.

In such a situation, I understand that there is no ready dedicated solution.