Personal Room for Notetaking

Is there a way to create everyone a personal room? For personal notes to type up.

They can create one themselves.

If not you probably need to use the API to generate them.

Do you suggest they just create their own “Group” set to private where they are the only members? The issue I foresee is naming - I see that there cannot be multiple groups with the same name. Ideally, I’d like everyone to have a “Personal” group for note-taking, but once a name is used by a member, it cannot be used by anyone else.


Private channel with them as the only member?

Set each as PersonalNotes-user-name

Or perhaps one Notes channel and each creates their own Discussion without inviting others?

You can talk to yourself. That is how I personally handle this type of situation.

Thanks Bradley.

That was the original solution I thought of!! But I searched for myself on but couldn’t find me!!

Clearly that is the easiest way for the OP.

Do you mean that you start a direct message to yourself? I tried that, but it does not allow me to message myself.

Hi nstaab :slight_smile:

You can’t find yourself through search. To DM yourself, go to any room where you already have responded and click on your avatar. You’ll be able to figure out the rest yourself now :wink: