Parser for incoming webhook from Ntopng



anyone who knows how to parse incoming webhook from Ntopng or already use a script?

I cant get it to work

I recieve this in my Rocket Chat log:

{ alerts:     [ { severity: 'error',        alert_key: 'min_active_local_hosts',        entity_value: 'iface_6',        tstamp: 1551793980,        action: 'release',        message: 'Minute <b>local hosts</b> crossed by interface <a href=\'/lua/if_stats.lua?ifid=6\'>ens192</a> [84 > 7]',        type: 'threshold_cross',        ifid: 6,        entity_type: 'interface' } ],   sharedsecret: 'u9ue6oFdD5uQwvnZx/FKGZaMJDD2cDBjvod9txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',   version: '0.1' }



nobody? I thought it is a simple task for a programmer

this is how it looks in jason:

  "version": "0.1",
  "sharedsecret": "",
  "alerts": [
      "ifid": 6,
      "action": "engage",
      "entity_type": "interface",
      "type": "threshold_cross",
      "tstamp": 1553084580,
      "alert_key": "min_active_local_hosts",
      "entity_value": "iface_6",
      "severity": "error",
      "message": "Minute <b>local hosts</b> crossed by interface <a href='/lua/if_stats.lua?ifid=6'>ens192</a> [68 &gt; 5]"