Own push notification gateway

I am writing to you because Rocket.Chat has announced changes in sending notifications to mobile applications.

I would like to know what options we have to solve the problem?
Is it possible to configure your own gateway without compiling mobile applications on your own?

  1. Is there a ready-made solution for your own gateway?

  2. No instance registration = automatically no mobile notifications?

  3. Will my own gateway work with the official application from Google Play?

Thank you for your help.

No, you’ll need to compile your own mobile applications


Ok, I understand that the only way out is to compile the application yourself.

I would like to ask if the lack of push completely cuts off the possibility of notifications in the application? I understand push notifications as an overriding notification that should appear on the phone immediately. The notifications themselves, however, operating from the application level (in the background) should still communicate about the incoming message. Or so?

To what extent can the lack of push make our life difficult?

Hi. I’d like to clear it a bit. So we need to compile custom client with own keys and turn off gateway in admin settings? No other server software needed like own gateway?

Correct you don’t need to run a gateway. It’s only needed for our apps because we have the secrets needed to send them on to Apple and Google.

Regarding push with out talking to a Google or Apple… this is still something we are looking at. But without causing battery issues… this is hard.

One of the more immediate things you can do is just turn off contents for messages. That way no data flows through.

I believe on roadmap is support for sending blank notifications that the app then fetches the contents from the server directly and displays.

Is there any news on this topic yet? I run my Google devices without a Google account.

Compiling the application myself is beyond my skills :frowning:

for just installing without a google account I believe builds are available on FDroid.

Or from the release page: Release 4.25.0 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.ReactNative · GitHub

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Currently there is no Fdroid build, but you can download the APK from github which works ok e.g. on LineageOS without google Components (e.g. microg).
But notififcations are only updated, if you focus the app and not in background. The battery optimazation is disabled, so there is no polling or other technique which use e.g. Signal IM, Elementary Matrix Client, Conversation XMPP Client, …