Omnichannel security?


I’m trying to find info on the security bundle for omnichannel, specifically can the live chat be encrypted or secured?


Any additional Information

Hi and thanks for asking.

In the first instance the chat would be over https so that provides a level of security.

As far as E2E encryption I am not sure on the situation there but I know someone who does and will ask them.

Thanks for the quick response! And that be great to find out if its E2E as well.

I have asked the question.

Note that some things like Whatsapp should be ‘E2E’ as it uses their encryption - as far as you trust it going through Facebook!!

I am not sure that there will be a “one size fits all” response here.

Just following up, any update to the question?

Hi - I have asked the devs for response.

I’m pretty sure the answer will be https only for plain Livechat.

With other Omnichannel plugins YMMV.

Fair enough! Thanks for the responses John.

I do have another question, after reading through the documentation further it looks like AES-CBC is the cipher used for the end to end encryption. Does that also encrypt the chat at rest? Or is that just the Transport layer encryption?


Hmmm - I think it is encrypted before being sent buty again I would have to try and find this out.

Also note there is E2E and OTR as well…

It would benefit you to run up a test install and try some of this stuff :slight_smile: