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Official docker: rocketchat/hubot-rocketchat do not showing typing message in chat channel

I put a console.log() in
to catch the parameters and response, when they call this.asteroid.apply(name, args);
the parameter name was “stream-notify-room”, and the args was:
[ ‘R6yfdoZhc7jDf9ZR3kNkJ2Q3Fj83kJKb4a/typing’, false, true ]
Has no efect with typping in chat bot, and the response of server was:
{ state: ‘pending’ }
If this product was deprecatte, (last update was in 4 years) deserved a warnnig, because on the admin/integration/bots, page there is a recommendation to use this implementation

Ps. Using from docker with image: rocketchat/hubot-rocketchat


Hi! welcome to our forums.

This is the repo for this project: GitHub - RocketChat/hubot-rocketchat: Rocket.Chat Hubot adapter

Indeed the Docker image doesn’t seem to be in sync with the latest codebase.

Can you open an Issue on that repo so we can address it properly?