Roadmap Reveal 🗺 What's next for Rocket.Chat, Sep 22

Notifiche canali

hello I still have the version and I have a snap that should update automatically … what should I do to proceed with the update?

You can’t with a snap :frowning: It auto updates.

Can you do a test install with docker, or manually?

only snap soo auto updates?

Yes snaps are held for extra Q&A testing and usually released around two weeks after the main release.

So middle of the month normally - about now!

ok then I should wait?

Unless you can run a test instance then yes.

For a bug you really need to test it in the latest code as stuff gets fixed all the time.

If we log an issue the first question will be ‘does that happen on latest?’ (because I will be the one doing the triage!!!)

It is worth getting a test VM and learning how to do a docker install so you can try this sort of thing.