No create channel option in mobile app

Hello There :slight_smile:

I have just installed the rocket chat server locally and am testing out the mobile app with some of my colleagues.
I notice in the mobile app that there is no option to create a channel. However in the desktop app I do have this option.

Please can someone advise on what the issue might be.

Thanks in advance for your help .


Hi All,

Eagerly waiting for assistance from you. Kindly help.

I only have the option to create a channel through the mobile android app. And that doesn’t work. I think they have removed that feature all together. Or maybe it just isn’t implemented yet? You can’t add rooms or channels from a computer, or the mobile app. Not even as an Admin. None of that stuff works.

@Ghost68 @skamat Please make sure you’re using 3.2.0 (or later) of the mobile client Settings-> About , and a relatively recent version of the server.

Creating channels should be working 100%. Please submit a bug report if you encounter a problem.