Misleading wording in NPS survey

Hi everyone,

our association’s rocket.chat instance gave me a heads-up about an upcoming NPS survey. We are fine with leaving the survey enabled, we are just wondering about the wording. According to your blog article [1], our users will see the question:

How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

Our users are the members of an association without a technical background. With this wording, they will probably think that “recommend us” refers to the association, which will be a very strange question given that they are members. A better wording might be “recommend rocket.chat to a friend or colleague.” Even then only some of them will understand that this is about the software driving our chat platform, while others might still think that it’s about the association’s chat platform itself.

Are there any plans to revise this wording? And will the question be internationalized or English only?


[1] NPS: all you need to know about Rocket.Chat’s user survey