Looking for a developer to deploy IOS/Android apps of our Rocket.Chat install


I run the Peer Unschooling Network, a digital community for teen unschoolers. We’ve been using Rocket.Chat for the last 1.5 years and are interested in having native IOS and Android apps. We gave this a shot last spring using Cordova but it didn’t turn out successful – Apple rejected us from their store and the Android app had some bugs related to the login (we use a WordPress OAuth).

So we’re looking to give this a shot if we can find the right person(s). Please contact me if interested with an idea of your pricing and availability. The main “customization” we have is related to the login… we use WordPress to login. You can see how we have it setup by accessing PeerUnschooling.Net/chat. Our older app is available on some Android devices inside the Android store, just search for “PUN Messenger”.

Thanks for your time!

You can email me: admin at peerunschooling dot net

Hello Jim, I am fired up for this opportunity, sent you an email. Please check your inbox !!

E: Akhilesh.weblancer@gmail.com