Introducing Bartender: My New Open-Source Rocket.Chat Bot Powered by OpenAI 🚀

Hey rocket.Chat community!

I’d like to share my recent project with you all: Bartender, an open-source Rocket.Chat bot that I’ve created to bring OpenAI’s gpt-3.5-turbo (free ChatGPT) and the gpt-4 (Premium ChatGPT, API behind a waitlist) chat endpoints right into rocket.Chat! Bartender aims to offer a fun and engaging AI companion.

You can find Bartender on GitHub here: GitHub - mimrock/Bartender: An OpenAI chatbot for Rocket.Chat written in Go

So, why should you give Bartender a try? Check out these features:

  1. Multiple AI models: Bartender connects with OpenAI’s gpt3.5-turbo and gpt-4 chat endpoints, providing better privacy options compared to the ChatGPT web interface and potentially more cost-effective use.

  2. Customizable character: By assigning a role (PrePrompt) to Bartender, you can make the bot take on any character you like – it’s all up to your imagination! For example, how about having a sassy pirate :pirate_flag: as your AI pal?

  3. OpenAI moderation support: Bartender incorporates OpenAI moderation endpoints, so you can safely use it in public channels without worrying about violating OpenAI usage policies.

  4. Alpha release stage: Since Bartender is currently in its alpha state, I would greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help improve the bot.

Feel free to try out Bartender and enjoy having an AI-powered companion within rocket.Chat! Your input will be invaluable for helping me make the bot even better and more enjoyable for our community.

Happy chatting, folks! :tada:


congrats on the new app mimrock =)