How to deal with the scalability problem?

Hello. We’re worried about the scalability. In RC community version. it was said that high scalability cluster is not available. (in RC pricing page) Does this mean that we can not set up multiple servers for RC? Our goal is to offer RC to 1,000-10,000 B2B clients in short term. Do you know which server architecture is the best? We’re considering to implement DockerImage + DockerTemplate. What do you think?
Also, do you think RC cloud GoldPlan can be the solution?
Thank you for your big help!

Hi @dai-tokyo, you can still scale the community edition, we are not removing any possibility of deploying multiple servers for RC. Having said that, we have been learning a lot of about to scale RC to large deployments, adding some orchestration process to avoid the N to N stream of messages between all the instances, for example, and we are adding some of that learning back into the community edition to improve performance, and adding some of it to our Enterprise offering. If you are planning to offer RC to your clients, we may be interested in our partnership program, where you can get access to the high scalability cluster at a discounted price.


Awesome @dai-tokyo! Are you referring to 1,000 - 10,000 users on one large instance; or are you looking to operate 1,000 - 10,000 Rocket.Chat servers on behalf of your B2B clients?

Either way, as @gabriel.engel pointed out, Rocket.Chat can have ready solutions (both Community and Enterprise). At your leisure, please DM either @gabriel.engel or I on our server to discuss this further.

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Thank you! I will contact you.