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How to change mobile notification small icon?

I want to change this small icon which appears in the notification

Here it is:

Any way to change this icon?
I have tried but haven’t found anything locally. It might be coming in the payload? Or I don’t know…

If there is anyway that I can change it, So please! Tell me how to.

If that is in the mobile app then I think you will have to recompile the app.

That is not a trivial task:

@john.crisp Sorry but I think you don’t understand my question… I just wanna change the notification icon… And I have recompiled the app many times… Just want to know how can I change this small icon in notification.

You don’t need to @ people!!

OK, I didn’t know you had compiled the app already as you didn’t mention it…! Always specify this sort of information when opening a thread.

There are some useful tips on providing information here:

I am not sure where that icon is. I’ll try and find out.

Sorry for not mentioning about that I compiled already. And thanks for the help man , Hope anyone of us finds from where the icon is coming. Thanks again!

I’ve asked a dev. Bear with us.

Cool! I hope he joins and anyone of us finds a way. Thanks man!

Your answer is in the issue you opened.

Please note this isn’t a bug.

Ask your development questions here or on please.


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I tried it and it doesn’t work. Can you give me any help? I literally looked for all the .png, .svg and .jpg to see if one appears that hadn’t changed … and still the same, that little RocketChat icon appears.

I followed the documentation steps to change all ic_notification in res folder of main, and it doesn’t work.

In the file /android/app/src/play/AndroidManifest.xml
There is a reference that says:

			android:exported="false" >

I use Firebase to send notifications.

Help me, please.