How moving threads by admin


within our new cooperative we are looking for a chat app.

For testing I have just build up an Standalone Rocket.Chat-Server and now I am asked how to move threads (between Channels) to keep an order.

I expect that this is possible (as @debdut.chakraborty did: Unread count per room - #2 by john.crisp) - but I can’t find a solution (or I am confused :disguised_face:).

Please give me any hint

Version: 4.1.2
Deployment-ID: kgqDpiuQd5WsBPQix
Version der Anwendungsumgebung: 1.28.1
Node-Version: v12.22.7
Datenbankmigration: 243 (15. April 2022 12:07)
MongoDB: 3.6.23 / wiredTiger (oplog Aktiviert) (will be upgraded after decision)

thank you for answer.
didnt I present the relevant information above?

Client is actual FireFox Browser (99.0.1) - but I think this is irrelevant, also the “steps to replicate” - I could not find an answer in FAQ or threads how to move threads - sorry: it is a simple question, but therefore perhaps a simple answer too