How do I use a WildCard Certificate?


I’ve pretty much done everything up to installing & configuring but now need to use a certificate. I’m not sure what certificates are needed but I have a WildCard, can this be used? If so, how do I go about that? Thank you in advance for your help. Please let me know if you need any more information.


What reverse proxy are you using? Please take a look at our docs for doing ssl with your reverse proxy of choice


Thank you for your response Aaron. Basically, my boss was asking for a SSL “cert wrap” around our OWA and SMTP. I’m not very familiar with certificates, so I was trying to find out what all I needed. He said we have a WildCard cert and to see if we could use it for this. What certificates would be needed for Rocket Chat to run in a 300+ employee sized business? Thank you again.


Size of business would have nothing to do with what certs you would need. Basically you’ll need a wildcard cert in combo with your reverse proxy to encrypt traffic to and from your server. A wildcard would work fine for this.

Which one did you use? Apache / Nginx / Caddy etc?


I don’t believe I have gotten that far. I installed using Snaps and did some basic server configuration. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten.


I just did the Auto SSL with Snaps and enabled Caddy. I Tested with an untrusted self-signed certificate, everything seems to be working. How do I apply the wildcard?


In your caddyfile do something like:
tls ./cert.pem./ key.pem
And just put your certificate in the same folder as the caddyfile


Thank you again for you help and info. I will try this out and comeback if I need anything else.


I’m trying to download the Wildcard and have a few options I’m not sure about.

I have to choose the Server Platform from the following choices:

If I choose Apache it says to Select a Version from the following choices:
HTTP Server
Tomcat Server

If I choose Other its says to Select a Version from the following choices:

Which would I choose? Thank you


OK I think I got the right files but the extension is cer not pem. Is that a problem?