How do I set to get the pop up notification message?


Hi, We have a few users still using an earlier version of Rocket.Chat but most are running the latest update 2.14.1 on PCs running Windows 10.
We are trying to get the pop up notification on the bottom right to work, some of the newer updated versions this no longer works. We have a couple instances that are updated to the latest version where these still seem to work. We also noticed the menu on the main page, the ellipses, only seems to now have the option for Keyboard Shortcuts for those of us that the pop up notification doesn’t work. Just curious, what needs to be set in Rocket.Chat to get the pop up notification to pop up and alert the user whenever there is a message?

any suggestions? thank you :slight_smile:


I got this got this issue too, I have to run as adminstrator right to get the client notification works.


oh ok, thank you Phong :slight_smile: