High Data Usage


Hello -

I am curious if anyone has experienced this issue, or might have an idea on how to go about troubleshooting it?

I am using Rocketchat android version 3.1.1 and Rocketchat server 0.70.4 (4 RC servers, two instances each, three Mongo DB Servers, Haproxy LB’s).

I as well as many of our users have noticed that since upgraded to 0.70.4 and added Load Balancing, a lot of mobile devices RocketChat apps have beeen using 3+ GB of background data.

One of our users for December alone their app has used 20GB of background data. Is this due to a bug in either the app or our RC Version or settings? Is this all data that is being cached?


Is this anything someone could help with? Bumping


Before adding load balancing what were you using? Did you switch load balancer?

Do you have a high volume of messages? High volume of attachments being sent?


Sorry i had not seen you replied.

Before the load balancer was infront of our RC Servers, we were just connecting directly to the servers nginx.

Now we have it with HAProxy > Nginx on RC servers.

We do have a high volume of messages and attachments and a pretty large number of custom emojis.