GSoC 2019 - Deeper Nextcloud Integration - Utkarsh Barsaiyan

This project aimed to enhance and drastically improve the existing integration between Rocket.Chat and Nextcloud. Rocket.Chat is a leading open source team communications platform whereas Nextcloud is a very powerful open source, self-hosted file sharing platform. So, it is only logical to combine the power of the two greatest open source software and create a seamless integration experience. The main areas of focus were overhaul of the WebDAV file picker and auto insertion of Nextcloud WebDAV server when user logs in through Nextcloud OAuth.

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Been following some of this. Looking forward to seeing its current state and how it all works together


We offer both nextcloud and Rocket.Chat to our community so we are very excited about a deeper integration.
Here is another use case: Our users love to set their team membership in nextcloud in circles. Circles is a nextcloud App that is well integrated in most other apps and allows to self-manage public, open, closed and private groups. Do these levels of access sound familiar to Rocket.Chat users? What our users would love to see is a RocketChat App in nextcloud, that automagically offers a chat channel for each circle and access permissions are being mapped. Nowadays we have to set up for each nextcloud circle a group in Rocket.Chat and manually sync the memberships in both.
Maybe you can keep that feature request in mind, at least for the next GSoC.


That’s a very interesting usecase @rasos and does not seem difficult to implement. Maybe it can be implemented before the next gsoc :slight_smile:

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Please have a look at the ongoing discussion here on integrating team workspaces in RC. If we want to be able to mirror groups between RC and nextcloud, we will likely need some microservice that syncs both via their APIs. What do you think?

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@rasos I don’t have much to say. The idea is awesome. The implementation needs to be given much thought I guess. It may be problematic to have groups at both the places and syncing them maybe. Rocket.Chat can sync one way from Nextcloud circles meaning that it creates channels or permission level groups depending on Nextcloud circles and adding/removing people as and when the circle changes. Another approach might be to have a common platform for circles if possible. These are just some thoughts and I may not have enough knowledge so my thoughts may not make sense.