Google summer of code 2024

Hello all,

I am preparing for Google Summer of Code 2024 and am eager to contribute to Rocket.Chat for GSoC 2024. I would appreciate it if anyone could provide guidance on how to start contributing to Rocket.Chat. My tech stack includes TypeScript, JavaScript, and React. Having contributed multiple times to open source projects, I believe it will be a smooth transition to begin my journey with Rocket.Chat.

Hey everyone,

I’m Mohd Farhan Akhtar, a 4th-year Electrical Engineering student from JMI, Delhi. Excited to dive into GSoC 2024 with Rocket.Chat!

My tech stack: MERN, TypeScript, React Native, Docker, Tailwind CSS. I’ve contributed to open source projects and now aim to bring my skills to Rocket.Chat.

Looking for guidance on getting started—any tips or insights would be appreciated!

Please introduce yourself to the GSoC 2024 community at Rocket.Chat immediately.

Please introduce yourself to the GSoC 2024 community immediately.