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Welcome to the Google Summer of Code 2024 forum!

Rocket.Chat is proud to be a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2024 , helping to introduce a new generation of developers to open source.

Be sure to join our 24 x 7 community server chat channel and introduce yourself to our community of active mentors and contributors.

We have also created a Google Summer of Code Rocket.Chat Team where you can learn and explore together with the community in a myriad of team channels , including Analyzing code and architecture , landing your first pull request , pull request assistance , and many many more.

You can find out how to apply for Google Summer of Code 2024 here and explore our latest list of exciting project ideas from our community .

Interest is extremely high this year, many contributors understand the steep learning curve of our large production code base ahead and have already started to interact with our core team and community. We have established a real-time contributors leaderboard to track their progress (the leaderboard is a summer of code open source project on its own maintained and created by our contributor).

If you wish to interact via this forum, see the associated Google Summer of Code 2023 topics

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