Google messages bridge

Tulir Asokan (Tulir Asokan · GitLab) has developed a bridge between Matrix and Google Messages (Tulir Asokan / mautrix-amp · GitLab) which allows me to access my SMS/MMS across multiple devices (the Google Messages web interface only allows one client at a time). I find RocketChat to be a more pleasant interface than Matrix, and it integrates better with my main self-hosted platform (Nextcloud). So I was wondering how hard it would be for somebody (definitely not me – way beyond my skillset) to adapt the bridge from Matrix to RocketChat.

Unfortunately it really isn’t quite that simple. I wish!!!

As we grow I am sure that this will happen, but we have multiple competing priorities right now!

I would be good to open a feature request here so developers can see what community members are asking for.

I feared it wouldn’t be simple/easy. :frowning: But thanks for the quick reply and the pointer to the right place to file feature request. :slight_smile:

No worries - it is what we are here to do!