General question: Looking for advice while planning to deploy production installation with Alibaba cloud


Task is to get private chat solution for up to 25 and in future up to 50-60 users.
Requirements - redundancy and SLA close to 99,9. Ease of upgrade and scalability.

Platform available for us is Alibaba Cloud. And there are options, create dedicated VPC with VMs (Mongo, APP and Meeting server) or check possibility to do this with serverless k8s services.

Any ideas are most welcome. I had test lab before running 2vCPU and 2GB RAM in docker. No issues, all was fine. Now for production, would like to have something more sustainable than single VM with docker.

I have two separate but similar systems I have used for years - one since something like v0.24

Both run in docker. Up time is as close to 100% as you like. I’ve never had the need for failover as they’ve never let me down, though I NEVER upgrade to ‘latest’ immediately - I pick the versions and upgrade as I want and a run a test version to check updates.

The only down time is when I upgrade the VM or the Rocket server. Or the cloudy VM is unreachable. I’d day better than 99.9%

Both use a local mongoDB instance rather than a docker one - historically when we first started we used a native Rocket install but migrated that to docker pretty quickly as it was plain easier to maintain, but we remained with the local Mongo install.

There used to be some HA docs in the documentation but it has gone.

Waybay shows this but I have no idea if it works.

Also have a search here for HA.

Thank you for your valued feedback. If I got it right. You have VM (running local MongoDB, no replica set) and docker with rocket app and probably reverse proxy e.g. trafik. Thank you again for your time and reply.


Local Mongo DB with replicaset enabled but only one instance - minium requirement for Rocket.Chat
Rocket.Chat itself in docker with compose
Apache reverse proxy