File Uploads - Storage Type - new upload path

Is there any way to change upload path to mounted directory like /mnt/storage ?
What does “file system” option in “File upload” settings?
I thought that if I put /mnt/storage there and change Storage Type to File System it will use new path.

Thx for any response.

If you switch it should switch paths for all new uploads. But will not effect existing uploads.

If you previously used file storage. You could just copy the files over to the new folder and it should work

So, if the path for File Uploads is outside the snap, it seems like since Rocket.Chat (snap) is setup using strict confinement, which then makes moving file uploads outside of the snap impossible, right? Can we change the snap confinement to classic or devmode or is there some other solution to point the uploads area to some non-snap filesystem?