Can't find FileUpload settings

I’m on Rocket.Chat 6.2.5 using SNAP to deploy and update.

I don’t spend much time in the chat room. But a user just said that since we recreated the chat server, using the latest version of Rocket.Chat v6 (prior to slight updates), the users cannot upload file attachments to chat rooms. Such as a funny image or something similar. They instead see the error “Media Type Not Accepted: image/jpeg” pop-up briefly on the top right.

I remember that somewhere in Settings, I saw that FileUpload was set to GridFS.

But in the process of trying to figure out how to enable the ability to let “users” upload simple jpg/gif files in chat, I may have locked myself out of wherever the menu option is, to enable/disable file uploads.

Not being a Rocket.Chat expert, I’m not sure how or where to fix the original problem of not being able to upload, and now also not being able to find the FIleUpload settings mentioned here:

Can someone help suggest how to fix this?

Uma sugestão, entre com primeiro usuário que foi criado no seu site do rocketchat, o administrador original, e dentro das configuraçães do workspace procure por upload de arquivos, dentro dessa opção você poderá reconfigurar.
Recomendo deixar em filesystem. Você precisará apontar o caminho para salvar, eu uso /var/snap/rocketchat-server/common/uploads/