External service routing

Hi rocketchat team.
I am using rocketchat v4.3.1
I am confused about external service routing,
I have setup in settings, and I have an api endpoint that is returning 200 status code and an object
_id: ‘jsueibwn23’,
username: ‘beta1’

I am not sure about _id, what Id should I put in response?
And rocketchat is not sending request to the external service api.
Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to our forums. Sorry for the late response :slight_smile:

I was able to successfully test this feature, so I can confirm IT IS WORKING** out at our latest 4.3.2

According to the code (below) it does not seem to use the _id, so the primary key here is the username (check line 39)

This is the code I tested:

I have used a pipedream endpoint for that, and returned the request just like you did. bear in mind that the agent must be online and available for a livechat session.