Enable self-signup


What is the best way to enable self-signup for users of my organization?

We have email-addresses that share the same domain but use different sub-domains (hello@a.university.edu and me@b.university.edu).
Can I white-list “university.edu” or “*.university.edu” and all sub-domains will work as well?

Also, I tried invite links and the secret registration page rc.university.edu/registration/hash but I get an 404 error message for both approaches.

Any ideas what I have missed in the settings?

Server Setup Information

  • Version of Rocket.Chat Server: 4.4.2

Hi, welcome back to our Forums :slight_smile:

I suggest you to make tests on a more recent version. Latest is 4.8.1.

4.4.2 is a relatively old version and a lot have changed since then.

A good practice is to set up everything using scripts, for configuring, for example.

That way you can reproduce this easily, and hand over this script so we can recreate a similar environment.

Regarding using wildcards for whitelist, I don’t think it will, work. I tried to trace back this configuration into codebase, and got here:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile: