Embedding React-Native-RC into an Android native app

Hi. Here´s what I’m trying to accomplish:
We have an android app and a few years ago we embedded RC-Android app into it. Which is no longer supported. This embedded RC-android app connects to a customized RC-server version. Now we have updated RC-Server (form version 1.3.0 to 5.0.0) And of course when connecting via the embedded android app it doesn’t work.
So what I’m trying to do now is embed The reactNative app into our native android app. I’ll try it following this documentation.
But it will be helpfull to kwno certain things about the reactNative RC code.
First we need to log in into our app and automate the login for the new embeded RC.
Could you point out where login is handled in the code?
Also need to handle push notifications. I found android/app/src/play/java/chat/rocket/reactnative/CustomPushNotification.java file. Is this the one than handles incoming push notifications?
Thanks in advance

The login is done in the login saga, method handleLoginRequest

Not sure if you will be successful in your integration attempt but i wish you good luck. We went the other way and used the SDK (GitHub - RocketChat/Rocket.Chat.js.SDK: Utility for apps and bots to interact with Rocket.Chat via DDP and/or API) and build our own views.

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Great Thanks a lot for the info. I’ll take a look at the SDK also. At this point I’m still gathering info in how to mix the two projects (our own and the RC-reactNative). So everything comes usefull.