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Is there anyway of disabling the video player on Rocket Chat as any time a large video file is uploaded it cause Rocket Chat to crash.

I don’t really want to disallow video files from being uploaded if at all possible.

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4.4.15 / wiredTiger (oplog Enabled)

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Hello! I’m new to rocketchat to by maybe you can limit Workstation->File Upload->Accepted Media Types … extensions for your files

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I know I can do that but it’s something I’d rather not have to do that and make user have to zip or rar the file first before uploading it.

But thanks any way.

then add only zip, rar, tar.gz extensions

That’s what I’m trying to avoid asking people to only upload those types of files.

so you want on-the-fly zip files? if so, then or using internal features rocketchat or how I do : create my own browser and when user upload or download do some actions with files

Not really I’d rather that video files not be playable at all just a simple file that people can download and play on their own pc that other users have uploaded.

this is question for browser and not for chat. Or you maybe change filetype when upload files then browser can’t detect media format, but I don’t do this

What video files play inside Rocket Chat

I realy don’t undestand what you want aproach :

  • user download video
  • when user press on file - file download from RC-server to browser and play within browser with internal codecs
    But you want forbid user in his browser playing file? IMHO this is incorect definition of your task. Can you say why do you want this?

Basically if someone uploads a video file in a channel it shows a video player which they can play directly in the channel chat window.

I just want it not to do that.

If you upload a zip or rar file then people just download it and this is what I want for any video files.