Disable "Reason to join" field in user registration?

When a new users registers, a field “Reason to join” is shown, last field here:


Can I disable it? I really don’t need this.

Noone who has the same issue?

Noone who has the same issue? :slight_smile:

I would also like to be able to disable this field in the form.

Would also like the ability to disable this field as it does not work from iPhone or iPad during the registration process. Working fine through Android and Windows.

I am glad that others would love to change this, too. @aaron.ogle Do you think you can put this in your pipeline - or is this already planned?

Feel free to open a feature request or better yet open a PR :slight_smile:

That’s the best way to get something like this in.

I’m not sure if the frontend team has on radar or not.

If you don’t need to manually approve new users, then you can disable this option in Account -> Register (Or something like that. Sorry, my interface is in french).

If you need to manually approve new users and you don’t want the field, then I think you are stuck at waiting that someone adds a new option in the administration panel. Personally, for my use case, I find it annoying too, but I just tell new users to enter anything in the field and that’s it.
What bugs me the most is the problem @BoyBlue mentionned. The field cannot be written on an iPhone or iPad, from the app and from Chrome or Safari I think. I quickly looked at the html source, and I saw a duplicate value in for attribute in the label tag associated with the field “Reason to join”. Perhaps this is the problem?

@dcourcel Oh nice, thanksy, you’re right! I now changed the process to register to “secret URL” mode and without confirmation.