Disable IP logging in View Logs


How can I disable the IP logging in the view logs section of the Dashboard?

Or, to rephrase the questions, if one accesses the MongoDB and after the

use rocketchat

command, uses the


collection, how can I disable IP traces?

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Rocket.Chat Version: 6.3.1
NodeJS Version: 14.21.2 - x64
MongoDB Version: 5.0.15

Please note that modifying logging settings may vary depending on your specific configuration and deployment. Here are some general steps you can follow:

  1. Access the Rocket.Chat server: Log in to your server where Rocket.Chat is installed and navigate to the Rocket.Chat installation directory.
  2. Edit the Rocket.Chat configuration file: Look for the configuration file for Rocket.Chat. It’s typically named rocketchat_settings.coffee or rocketchat.toml, depending on your setup. You might find this file in the /opt/Rocket.Chat directory or a location specified during installation.
  3. Disable IP logging: In the configuration file, you can usually find settings related to logging. To disable IP logging, you’ll want to set the appropriate log level. Depending on your configuration, you might have options like debug, info, warn, and error. To disable IP logging, set the log level to a higher level like warn or error. Here’s an example:


Logger.setLevel('warn'); // Set log level to 'warn' to disable IP logging
  • Save the configuration file: After making the necessary changes, save the configuration file.
  • Restart Rocket.Chat: Restart the Rocket.Chat service to apply the new logging settings. You can typically do this using a command like:


systemctl restart rocketchat

Please note that the exact steps and file locations may vary based on your Rocket.Chat installation and operating system. Be sure to back up your configuration file before making changes and refer to Rocket.Chat’s official documentation for more specific guidance on configuring logging for your particular version.

Regarding your mention of the rocketchat_statistics collection in MongoDB, if you want to disable IP traces there, you would typically need to modify Rocket.Chat’s codebase or database schema, which could be a more complex task and may require expertise in MongoDB and Rocket.Chat’s source code. Be cautious when making such changes as they can affect the functionality and stability of your Rocket.Chat instance. It’s essential to back up your data and consult Rocket.Chat’s documentation for guidance on making such modifications.