Developing Fractal Circles as a Rocket App


I am new to rocket chat and would like to ask some quick questions to get some understanding if rocket chat can be a good starting place for my new app that I want to develop.

My app will.

Create many new groups and assign 6 members that are in the chanel to each group. The groups will live for about 1 week and then be deleted again. (Break out rooms)

In each group I want users to be able to make their own polls and vote on topics.

Is this easy to do? I already have this functionality working on my own platform but it will not scale well so I am looking for something more robust. I will work on windows.

If you are interested to know what fractal circle are visit

Mikael Ananda

I am also looking for programmers that want to join me in creating this app.

The reason for doing the app is that the fractal circles will give people tools to quickly organize in large numbers and share a single plan. The project is intended to give people power to make sure that we are not controlled and censored by the globalists.

Please Join me in this project as we lack skilled programmers.


You can see the app working on my own platform here:

Read more about the united awakening on