Customize web app only

Hello all,
I am building a discord-like platform. Can I customize and used it for commercial purposes ?

If so, should I clone this project on GitHub ?

  • Install Node 14.x (LTS) either manually or using a tool like [nvm]
  • Install Meteor:
  • Install yarn:
  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Run yarn to install dependencies

I tried these steps, but the yarn install did not succeed.
Or should I run yarn in every sub-projects ? But I want to customize only the mern web app.

Starting from this error, I get hundreds of lines of similiar error:
@devtools-ds/themes@npm:1.2.0 [52856] doesn’t provide react-dom (pae136), requested by @design-systems/utils

Hi! Welcome to our Community! :hugs:

Rocket.Chat is published under the MIT license, the most permissive license out there. So yes, you can use it as you wish :slight_smile:

You should first try to install it using Docker, and customize it without touching the codebase.
Rocket.Chat is always trying to be very flexible, allowing custom css, javascript and having a lot of APIs and even an engine to create Apps (check out our Demo.App)

If with all that flexibility you think you still need to touch the code base, you should wonder if that change you want to do could be contributed back to the code base.

Now, if you want to develop your own piece of code and tie it to Rocket.Chat, you need to be aware that you’ll need to re patch it with your code for every release, and pay a close attention for security hot fixes.

For that, you will need to follow the developer guided in Setting up your Development Environment - Rocket.Chat Developer

A great place to hang out with students and initial contributors is joining this channel:

Let me know if this helps!