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Customize the files and DB

how can i edit the files in the rocket chat server which i have locally?
as i am new to this thing want to explore and use it. I have some questions also

  1. How can i check the DB?
  2. Can i query the Data? (I have mongoDB install with compass)
  3. Where can i find admin side files and front end side files to edit?
  4. Can i include this rocket chat in my running PHP project which is running on “” domain?

hi! Welcome to our forums.

Rocket.Chat is written in node, and is built from there. You should avoid editing the files directly and/or doing your own build.

Also, you should avoid touching the DB directly. We have a great REST API (REST API - Rocket.Chat Developer) that allows your to change a lot of settings or manipulating the App data in a lot of ways.

You can, however, change a lot of settings and customize it. If this is not enough, you can always write apps to Rocket.Chat leveraging it’s robust App Engine (Rocket.Chat App - Rocket.Chat Developer).

You can check the DB, an query the data. This will depend on your deployment method. I suggest using docker with docker-compose.

The best, and most user approach, is to deploy Rocket.Chat on a subdomain, such as and use this subdomain with SSL in order to be able to connect using the mobile apps.

Let me know if you have any other doubt. Thanks!