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Custom status next to the names of the contacts in the sidebar

It would be interesting to see all the custom status of its contacts in the sidebar, without having to click on a contact to discover its status.

The custom status would be displayed after the name.

This could be a parameter of your choice.

In the professional context, we could immediately see who is on vacation, teleworking, in a meeting, etc.

If we could report these statuses via the API, we could automate them for example with a calendar.

Hi @TristanJacques!! Welcome to our forums.

That’s a really nice idea! What do you think about opening a feature request?

I’ll see if there is already something like that planed or in the backlog.

Hello @dudanogueira

Thank you for your message.

There is an equivalent request: Display User Status Text in Member's List side panel · Issue #138 · RocketChat/feature-requests · GitHub

I think my proposal can revive and complete this idea which has not yet been implemented.


I left my :+1: there

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