Conflict User Name While Importing .csv Files

Hello, everyone! I have got a problem while importing .csv files:

For instance, I set up a brand new server, and there was just an Admin here: huimin. And then I imported the .zip file, which included users and channels.

After importing the file, the channel and the user showed up in the Web interface.


However, the user harry didn’t exit at all. And I tried to log in with harry or reset the password for harry. All the processes failed. The error indicated that the user name had been already used.

So, basically, I don’t know when we are supposed to use this import function. I think this function is a little bit dangerous, because wrong import operation could take too much space of the storage. Is that right?

Moreover, is there any possibility, that Rock.Chat can automatically import file with the help of configuration file (for instance docker-compose.yml) or script (for instance ansible playbook)?

Thank you!

Are you able to set a password through the admin interface and login?

Also what Rocket.Chat version?