Code with Rocket.Chat on window 10

I’m trying to run Rocket.Chat code by VSC in window 10 followed your guide Windows 10 - Rocket.Chat Developer
I did all the instructions, ran the code by many ways bellow but cant access http://localhost:3000/setup-wizard. It show backscren and just it.

npm run start
npm run debug-brk

Then , how can I run the code?
Rocket.Chat version: 4.6.0
Thank you for your attension.


I suggest you to hang out at this channel too:

There are other developers there using windows that may be able to help you.

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I don’t know what your problem is? Can you expand more, or share some screenshots

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@ducvinhvan @dudanogueira thank you all. I’ve solved this problem. It seems that I forgot to update package using sudo apt-get update or something. I redo follow the instructions and it worked.

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