Changing Mongo Data Directory


Hello all,

I am currently running Rocket Chat within AWS using with ubuntu 16.04 server. I used the snap install method.

I note there are two options for encryption at rest: using Mongo enterprise and some form of OS / disk encryption. I have created an encrypted volume in AWS and mounted it on my test server. ( /media/chatserver)

My question is how can I reconfigure Rocket.Chat to now store the mongo “database” on my new encrypted drive?




Snaps are only allowed to read certain directories. This is part of what makes them secure. They are very isolated in what they are able to touch on your system.

I believe with snaps, we should be able to allow media directories. But currently it does not support it.

So if you need it, I’d recommend a manual install instead of snap install


Thanks Aaron,

So I assume its documented how configure rocket chat to use a certain folder for storing the database files and override the default folder path?


Not exactly. You’d look at the mongo documentation on how to change the database directory. Since this is a mongo feature and you’d be working with mongo.

Our goal with snaps is to provide as easy as possible installation with everything you need to run a small server in the box. More advanced needs we’d always recommend installing manually so you refer to individual tools documentation to configure your server in more advanced ways.

But here is one of many links I found on Google for changing the directory:


Thank you Aaron.

Exceptional support!