Can't run in k8s

I’m trying to run rocketchat via helm

helm upgrade --install --namespace rocketchat --create-namespace --set --set ingress.enabled=true --set mongodb.auth.password=$(echo -n $(openssl rand -base64 32)),mongodb.auth.rootPassword=$(echo -n $(openssl rand -base64 32)) --set persistence.enabled=true --set rocketchat rocketchat/rocketchat

but the pods don’t start

kubectl get pods -n rocketchat
NAME                                     READY   STATUS             RESTARTS       AGE
rocketchat-mongodb-0                     0/1     Pending            0              14m
rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487   0/1     CrashLoopBackOff   6 (118s ago)   14m
kubectl get events -n rocketchat --sort-by='.lastTimestamp'
9m53s       Normal    Pulled                   pod/rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487           Container image "" already present on machine
9m53s       Normal    Created                  pod/rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487           Created container rocketchat
9m52s       Normal    Started                  pod/rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487           Started container rocketchat
5m32s       Warning   Unhealthy                pod/rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487           Readiness probe failed: Get "": dial tcp connect: connection refused
64s         Normal    FailedBinding            persistentvolumeclaim/datadir-rocketchat-mongodb-0   no persistent volumes available for this claim and no storage class is set
59s         Normal    NotTriggerScaleUp        pod/rocketchat-mongodb-0                             pod didn't trigger scale-up:
38s         Warning   BackOff                  pod/rocketchat-rocketchat-7dcccdff4b-x2487           Back-off restarting failed container
14s         Warning   FailedScheduling         pod/rocketchat-mongodb-0                             0/2 nodes are available: 2 pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims.

what am i missing and how can i run it to make it work?