Can't connect with any users

I’ve been looking for a solution for two weeks. But I didn’t find any.
I had set an LDAP (AD) authentification, but for some reasons it stopped working. Users that has been created with AD can’t login, but those who are already logged can still have access to it.
I’ve tired to login as administrator but that doesn’t work neither.
When a user wants to login a message appears : “User not found or incorrect”
So I’ve changed the password of the admin user, restarted all services, and I still cannot access it.
I’ve installed rocketchat on ubuntu as a snap. I’ve tired to run updates and it still not working.

Can anybody help with it ?

Hi, same problem since few months.
Snap update works correctly, LDAP synchro works too.
I disable the avatar synchro, but the problem persist
User can connect after reset the password the first time, wich is not friendly for the new one.

After many RC update since the problem appear, all new user can’t connect.
LDAP synchro works, using avatar disable but always the same error " user not found or incorrect password".
The solution is to ask for password reset … not a real solution.
Many users don’t want use RC because they have this error.

Any idea or Solution ?

Version : 3.12.1 (by snap)
Version d’Apps Engine : 1.23.0
Version de Node : v12.18.4
Mise à jour de la base de données : 218 (9 mars 2021 02:14
MongoDB : 3.6.14 / wiredTiger (oplog Activé)
Détails du commit : HEAD: (f2817c056)
Branche: HEAD
PID :465297

In fact, the AD synchro works … only for create the longin of user, not the password.
New RC users needs to reset their pwd to create a new one wich is stored in database and not compare with the AD one.
So, the AD authentification failed