Can't click on internal links anymore

When I send a link from our internal servers in a chat, I cannot click this link anymore (e.g.
Is there a new setting ? A bug ? Something else ?
External links are not affected. And an internal link in a thread is also clickable.

What… is the version you are running?

the example is a jira link? We have jira “internally” (it’s on their cloud) and it works nice in our open server, which runs the latest commit from develop branch:

let me know if this helps!


We are on 5.4.3.
And yes, it’s Jira. We run it on a local server, no cloud involved.

This can be a issue with the new parser.

Since 4.X we have been working on a new parser, and some edge cases is usually surfacing.

Can you please, do a test on with the same? Our open server runs the bleeding edge version, os if it works there, it was fixed already.

Also, you can try going into Your Avatar > My Account > Preferences > and enable the legacy parser.

Reload the browser.

If it works after there, it’s definitely the parser, and if it’s working on our open server (or if you test on the release candidate 3), it’s fixed already.

let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

I don’t want to use an internal link from our server.
And I was not able to find this setting with the legacy parser.

By the way, it is just the i in our links (i stands for internal).

I tried it with another link, containing an i in the name.
And yes, it works.

Great. So it is fixed in 6.0.0 :slight_smile: