Can i run server on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.?


Hi Team…

I am planning to implement Rocket.Chat server on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B board for Small Size Business Production & Our users strength is around 50 Employees.
Is This possible & it provides uninterruptible services during production.
Bcz now we’re using skype so we planned to reduce cost on Tech field so can i use…?

All Team members are requested to give best advice for this task…
Thanks in Advance.


Hi @karthik,

you most certainly can. Just

  • install yourself a Raspbian (or some other Distro)
  • install nodejs
  • get the latest Rocket.Chat stable from the Download page
  • setup nginx or apache to reverse-proxy Rocket.Chat
  • get yourself a let’s encrypt TLS certificate and use it in your webserver (see last point)

The Raspberry should be well equipped to handle the load of 50 users. I would recommend using the ethernet jack instead of wifi though.

EDIT: one caveat though, that I haven’t tested. NodeJS itself is available for ARM architecture (the CPU in the Raspberries), but I don’t know if all dependencies for Rocket.Chat will run natively on ARM. But just give it a shot :slight_smile:



You definitely can run on raspberry pi. We offer a snap for arm and have many people that run small servers on raspberry pi’s.

You can go raspbian route, or ubuntu core with snap.

If you plan to send many files at all. Or files very frequently… I would recommend not using gridfs or filesystem for file storage. I’d recommend using s3 or an s3 compatible like minio off of the pi. This way you decrease ware and tare on the microsd, as well as get increase speed for file downloads.


Hi @TwizzyDizzy and @aaron.ogle

Thanks for your best suggestions.Now i going to implement this on coming week but one thing is we’re using text chat only & we won’t share any files and pics. So class 10 Sd card is better or Usb 3.0 drive is better…?


Well for the OS itself you have to use an SD card anyway (or to say it another way: I don’t know whether it’s possible to boot from an external USB drive). As for USB 3.0: the raspberry 3 only has 2.0 :wink: But anyway… just go with a class 10 SDHC / SDXC card (or even SDHC-I / SDXC-I UHS class 3 card (with up to 30MB/s) - if the raspberry supports it).



Yeah text only, it shouldn’t matter much. :slight_smile: Only mention speed to help keep that in mind.


I run into the problem that
as a Download source is not available anymore.

Can someone help out? :wink:

Trying to install Rocketchat on Pi 3B, because it failed on 3B+.


@aaron.ogle Can you help me out here?


On raspberry pi the only install i’m familiar with is the snap install. Its currently not working. There is another thread here regarding that. If the build is missing maybe open a PR to remove from the guide. It shouldn’t be there if the download doesn’t exist


Hi @aaron.ogle ,

About the snap install, may be you could help me. I am currently trying to install a server on PI 3 with Ubuntu Core. Everything seems to running fine as ‘status’ command tells me but impossible to connect on it via http://ip_address:3000 …

I am trying to check the Caddyfile with pinano but impossible to see it or even create a new one: “permission denied” (i am trying in sudo and as root).

Any help could be great, thank you !


Ok ok, so after investigation on the rocketchat-server log and thanks to google: Any informations about how to resolve this issue now or in the future ?


See here for topic discussing: Armhf snap builds for raspberry pi