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Botpress v12.x.x

I’m developing a BOT with a botpress
Is there a way to use it with Rocketcat now?

Botpress 12.26.7

Only v10.x.x

Build error

Hi! Welcome to our forums!

Have you seen this docs?

We just had a Live Session where one of our partners implemented this live:

It’s in Portuguese… I posted the link exactly to when they start it.

but he basically followed the docs.

There was a small problem, however, where botpress tried to be at the same 3000 port of Rocket.Chat, and he exported an environment variable to change that on botpress side.

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I tried some modifications to the connection settings

Bot works fine on Rocketcat

However, a text-only response

Now is there another thread to write about hiring to request a custom module?

I want to use the UI (skill, choice)

Not sure I understood.

You want to create a custom module for Rocket.Chat?

Or you want to create a proper botpress?

Botpress v12
I want to use it in Rocketchat

The advice video is for “Botpress v10”
I use v12

I tried some modules
Embedding was successful.
However, only chat was displayed

I want to customize the module
Displaying buttons looks difficult

Hi! Regarding botpress version, I have seen some users using the Ligero App (available at our Marketplace) to integrate botpress running newest version.

Regarding rich messages, it will depend mostly of the ending channels, or where the message is going to be delivered in order to evaluate if it’s possible to accept rich messages.

Is it “Ligero Smart Whatsapp”?
I could only find this on the rocket chat marketplace