Botpress/RocketChat integration

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The Botpress lab bot from Botpress is not responding in the RocketChat browser window “live chat”.

I made the settings in strict accordance with the documentation:

Develop a Botpress Bot - Develop a Botpress Bot - Rocket.Chat Developer


rocketchat-botpress-lab-bot - GitHub - RocketChat/rocketchat-botpress-lab-bot: A bot that integrates RocketChat and Botpress

The only deviation from the documentation is that the documentation states:
Botpress Connector app by Luis Hlatki (Luis Hlatki)

Develop a Botpress Bot:

Install the connector app:
Search and install the Botpress Connector app by Luis Hlatki.


Register Workspace and Login to Rocket.Chat Cloud:
Install Botpress Connector from Luis Hlatki in Administration > Apps > search bot botpress

But in Rocketchat, I installed the Botpress Connect app by FrankDaze.
There is no other connector in the Rocketchat manazine.

How can I make the lab bot from Botpress work in RocketChat?