Auto translation google api key not working



I have enabled auto translation feature. I have google api key in the JSON format. I want to configure the google API key in the message -> AutoTranslation -> GoogleAPIKey.

I tried to copy the JSON, private key from the JSON, privete key id from the JSON but it’s giving error:
“message”: “API key not valid. Please pass a valid API key.”

Can someone please help me to tell in which format I have to configure the google key.

I am using the same KEY in my other application and it’s working fine there.


What version of Rocket.Chat?

Also after you save if you look at the key, do you see any special characters? Make sure not a bunch of spaces before / after it.


I was using Google API key in Json format but when i used a String version of API key it’s working now.

But I found that the AutoTranslation feature is not available for LiveChat. To translate a particular message using ‘Toggle Original/translated’ option is available in LiveChat but the Auto Translation is not there.

Are you planning to support the Auto Translation fetaure for LiveChat also in upcoming versions ?

I am using version 0.65.1


Feel free to open a topic in feature requests so this can be upvoted