Attn: RC Team - Issue & Resolution with your CentOS Doc

Attn: RC Team - Please update your Doc (below) when you have a chance…

It took me about a week to figure this out because your Doc below has a misleading info. I tried to install RC on CentOS at least 3 times, and each time I was getting same issues starting & stopping Mongo. The problem had nothing to do with RC, but mongDB itself. The Mongo engine { mmapv1 } you suggested on your installation Doc below is no longer supported with mongo v4.2 and onward..

>> RC Doc

>> Mongo Doc stating the Deprecation of MMAPv1

Please note, after I changed Mongo engine in /etc/mongod.conf file from mmapv1 to WiredTiger, I was able to start Mongo with no issues…

Please update your Doc. Thank you.

Correct if using 4.2 now then you have no choice. The recommendation will likely be changed soon.

Feel free to open a PR with the note to ignore if installing 4.2 where support is dropped