Application does not start automatically


I try to deploy 2.16.2 on many work stations using script.
The main command is : rocketchat-setup-2.16.2.exe /S /autostart /allusers /disableAutoUpdates.
I am very confiused bacause the application does not start automatically on Windows system (7 and 10). Could you please give me some advice in this case?

I have the same problem and after many post, i never had answer …
I deploy this app by GPO via a batch script and add link to the .exe file in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
No registry entry, no ini file to configure this option to start at windows startup !!!

up ! is the forum still alive ?

Same issue no autostart and not starting after installation

start quikboxchat-3.9.11-win /S /autostart /allusers /disableAutoUpdates