Apple Push Notifications (APN) cert/key configuration format


Hello, previously we have configured RC server for custom push notifications with our APN and Firebase configurations. Everything is working fine when we use the native iOS and Android RC apps. Recently, we started using the React Native experimental clients, pointed at the exact same RC server configurations we were using with the old apps. Firebase push works fine, but iOS does not. My guess is the RN version is expecting another format for the cert and key information in the admin section for push. I’m basing that on the fact that I can make push work just fine with our certs and keys when testing using cURL and bypassing the RC server entirely. Add to this the fact that the old, non-RN iOS app still works completely fine with this configuration.

The way we have it configured is with the PEM cert in the cert box and the key (beginning with “bag attributes…”) in the key box. I have read differing information on how this should be setup, but at least for the old, native iOS app, the APN push works fine when setup this way.

Can someone please clarify what the format should be for those key and cert boxes, particularly for the React Native client? I read in some other places that it should be a cert/key concatenated file instead of how we have it setup.

Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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