Android 2.5.1 released


Dear Rocket.Chat community,

Today we’re shipping Android 2.5.1 to Google Play! Here are the highlights of the release. Please refer our Android 2.5.1 changelog for a complete list.


  • Improve the deeplink support to not require auth values;
  • Clear notifications when opening a room;
  • Added support to authenticate using WordPress;
  • Fixed typing status to the logged in user;
  • Fixed a problem with uppercased URL scheme;
  • Fixed some crashes introduced in 2.5.0;

More information

You can see more information about the release here.

Also, you can download the app here.

:warning:️ WARNING

This release requires the installation of Google Play Services on the devices. By not having the installation, you may experience one crash. We’re working with the community to support the FOSS version of this release as soon as possible.

:star: Please, if you enjoyed the update, leave us a positive review in Google Play!


What do we want?


When do we want it?

NOW! :wink:


@TwizzyDizzy We’ll get there!!! I promise you! :slight_smile:


Yet I don’t want to sneak around general priorities… in terms of that the Play-Service stuff (it being missing) is only affecting a very small subset of your users.



Almost there. @rafael.kellermann said we’re good to go for F-droid :tada: We’re finally ready for the other billion users!!