Adding an Admin option to export RC configuration?


Hi folks,

I was wondering: often, when debugging issues, there’s the problem of

What is your setting for the XY configuration option?

I think it would be a nice idea to give admins of an RC instance a button to export their entire configuration to a file and download it.

One would, of course, have to only include configuration options that don’t include sensitive data (or one includes them but only marks whether they are set or not, not the actual value).

I envision this to greatly simplify the debugging of issues. Also, one could add an option to the Github issue template:

If you are the admin of your RC instance, please provide your configuration export.

What do you think? Is the benefit worth the effort?



I believe we actually have a similar feature in mind. But I can’t seem to find the issue for it. Basically the same idea export and then be able to re-import settings.

I don’t remember the exact use case… I think to help with setup process.

But I like this idea too.

I can’t remember what application I saw this in. But it was amazing. You were able to open a github issue right from inside the application. It would take the template and preseed it with all of the information needed, and then take it to github for them to be able to hit submit.


I like this idea too!